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Michael Sofaer


To work on highly challenging software problems.


Software design and development in C, C++, Java, VB, .NET, Ruby, Rails. Windows and Linux. CVS, SNV, Perforce, git. HTML, Javascript, sprinkle.

Open Source



4/2008--8/2009            Inigral, Inc.                          San Francisco, CA

Chief Architect

  • Created and implemented DB architecture.
  • Designed and implemented integration tools to SIS systems.
  • Provisioned and maintained Linux servers.
  • Worked with team in test-driven development.
  • Created Role-to-Resource permission system.
  • Created Simple LIS data protocol based on IMS Global LIS.

1/2007--4/2008            Model N, Inc.                          Redwood Shores, CA

Member of Technical Staff

  • Led bug fixing teams to fix urgent client issues for medical device companies.
  • Was the only full-time member of the Performance Reliability and Scalability team.
  • Sourced, acquired and implemented profiling tool; used tool to find and fix long-standing code issues.
  • Designed and implemented system that logged all requests to the database to find performance issues.

10/2004--12/2006            Gen-Probe, Inc.                            San Diego, CA

Senior Research Assistant

  • Designed, built, tested and validated a cryo-pelletizer; this project involved design and implementation in both hardware and software.
  • Recieved an Exceptional Performance Award from Lyle Arnold, VP Research, for the pelletizer project.
  • Designed a series of experiments on liquid mixing in a canula; wrote a VB.NET driver and forms-based control system for a syringe pump to perform the experiments.



9/1998--8/2004                                                                 Cleveland, OH

Case Western Reserve University

  • Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics
  • Completed many undergraduate programming and graduate-level mathematics courses.

1/2008--5/2008                                                                 Palo Alto, CA

Stanford University

  • CS315A, Parallel Programming


Designing and programming large personal game project in C++, as well as smaller personal coding projects.

Graph theory, game theory, theatre, Aikido, rock climbing, swing dance, sailing.