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Michael Sofaer lives and works in San Francisco.

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When Michael is good, he works for Model N as a software engineer. He likes to rock climb, swing dance, and bake chocolate chip cookies. He has koala-like tendencies which make him endearing; one can see that Michael wouldn't hurt a fly. He would be content to be pet on the head and left alone to play his guitar.


When Michael is evil, he grows invisible horns, gets a +20 strength modifier, and turns into a dangerous orc. He terrorizes entire ant colonies in lands in which he has no jurisdiction. He growls. He spits. He plays video games for hours and hours on end.

[Dinomonkey Games]

In all seriousness, Michael is founder and member of a swing dance instruction team and (simultaneously) super-secret revolutionary video game design project called Dinomonkey Games which will change the world.


Also, if you are here on business, you can see his work resume or his theatrical resume.

Is the world safe? Nobody knows.